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February is a great month for sport. We have round one of the Six Nations starting this Saturday, the Winter Olympics start today in Beijing. In GAA, February marks Round 2 of the Allianz Football League and across the water in the UK, the Premier League hots up with some really great matches in February.

All of this got us thinking of the relatively new phenomenon of “Dude Food”, which is often associated with meaty dishes that are simple to prepare, delicious and easy to eat while watching some great sports at home.

At James Whelan Butchers we are passionate about great food and with so many of us interested in sports, we wanted to share some of our favourite “Dude Food” options, to prepare and enjoy while watching your favourite team or athlete, from the comfort of your couch.


Dry Aged Angus Burger

Of course the obvious first choice is a delicious Burger, sandwiched in a fresh brioche or sourdough bun, with mustard, cheese, gherkins and salad. One of our favourite choices is our Dry Aged Burger made with 100% Angus Beef – these are available in in all our shops around the country and online. If you are entertaining friends, maybe you require a more substantial feast. Available all year round on our website is our BBQ Collection, which is a selection of our favourite bbq products that can be delivered right to your door through our Local Delivery Service.

For those with some time on their hands before the games begin, we would recommend a special treat of Beef Dripping Onion Rings. They go perfectly with a burger and are great to share and snack on. Made with our Award Winning Beef Dripping of course!


Chicken Wings, Hot & Spicey Chicken Wings

Another “Dude Food” favourite is Chicken Wings, ready to serve and great to share straight out of the oven. We love ours spicy, and always a favourite are Donal’s Wings, coated in a layer of our Hot & Spicy sauce. These wings will provide the right amount of ‘heat’ for any spectator sporting occasion. Available on our website – or if you are picking them up in one of our shops and want them even spicier, just ask one of the team and we can pile on even more chillies!!!


Meat Balls in Tomato Sauce with Cheese, Mama's Meat Balls

If you would like to go “Italian” for your “Dude Food” – how about some meatballs – again great to share, perhaps a little bit messy, but so what, sport can be messy too!!! We found a really delicious recipe from our friends at Bord Bia that we wanted to share with you. It’s for their Meatballs in Tomato & Ginger Sauce. Or if you want an option to just pop into the oven and be ready in minutes, we have the solution – Mama’s Meatballs, which are available in all our shops and online. They come in a sumptuously rich Italian sauce and are topped with Irish cheese.

Of course for further inspiration next time you visit us why not ask one of our butchers for suggestions, they would be more than happy to help. Our favourite topic is always great food and it’s always a pleasure helping our customers and friends find the perfect food for any occasion, not just Christmas or Easter or Valentines Day. Great food can turn any occasion into a really special day – and all that is left is for your team to win which makes the day even better – and if they lose, at least the food will be great!!!

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