Career Opportunities

Butcher Training Course



When we position the chives on our majestic cuts of meat, we position them left to right. Every time.

Craft of quality, care of service, and creativity in thinking hold at the centre of our Master Butchers, Artisan Producers and Native Farmers.

Today, we are looking for legends, like you, to join us in enriching our modern-day legend where a true connection and a sustainable care for the animals and the land of our heritage come together in wonderful, native produce.

We would be honoured to celebrate your skills.
We’ll meet you at the table.


Fresh Opportunities

“Every day is different”

Come and work shoulder-to-shoulder with legends and artisans locally and nationwide.

“Great place to express yourself and your craft”

To apply you can complete the application form attached, or email



What Our Team Says


“A Career rooted in a craft & the very best of customer care”
Joe O’Mahoney Supervisor
James Whelan Butchers


“As Butchers we carry out traditions passed down from one generation to the next”
Donal McGovern
Senior Butcher


“A chance to be part of a team of approachable, friendly, and knowledgeable experts”
Mike Pickwell
Senior Butcher