The Irish Beef Book

10 Years and 2 Charities

This year, we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Irish Beef Book. And to mark the occasion, proceeds from the book will be donated to two worthy Charities – Cork Penny Dinners and The Capuchin Homeless Charity in Dublin.

The Irish Beef Book is is the definitive guide to Irish beef, covering every aspect of buying, preparing and cooking it. Pat Whelan, Ireland’s foremost butcher, shares the benefit of his inherited expertise as a fifth-generation farmer and butcher, empowering readers with the knowledge to seek out the very best beef available.

Katy McGuinness shows you how to create delicious dishes using every part of the animal with recipes selected to ensure that this is the only guide to cooking beef the domestic cook will ever need. The classics are all included, as are quick and easy midweek suppers and more complex dishes for leisurely weekend entertaining. There is a whole section devoted to the perfect steak, and the chapter on roasting removes the fear factor from Sunday lunchtime once and for all.

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Pat’s knowledge of animals and butchery gives him an edge and Pat is enthusiastic about teaching everyone the joys of meat cookery. Each cut requires a certain method of cooking, and he outlines methods and recipes for popular and less fashionable cuts of meat.

The book includes evocative recipe shots and outstanding recipes for today’s kitchen capturing the quality of the produce at James Whelan Butchers.

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