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We are fifth generation farmers and butchers and our story is one of rich tradition, immense pride and a deep love of nature.

Quality & Service

Succulent tasty meat, delivered right to your door.


At James Whelan Butchers we are proud to be standing on the shoulders of generations of artisan farmers and butchers who have gone before us.

We have maintained their tradition of grass-feeding – a tradition which produces beef of unsurpassed excellence and quality. We do everything we can to make the finest quality meat with the most unique flavours, combining a love of our past and a drive towards a fully flavoured future.

From Our Store To Your Door


Expertly Crafted

There isn’t a single step in our process that is bypassed or left to chance. The quality shines through in the flavour of our fully-traceable beef, from the treatment of our animals through to the maturation process of the meat and the butchery and cut-selection.

A Taste of Tradition

James Whelan Butchers’ products are hand-picked and prepared to deliver the convenience and pleasures of world class produce right to your door.

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