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Planning the Difference

Friday, March 20th, 2015 in Foodie Articles | No Comments »

While much of what I learned in school is buried deep in the mind’s recesses, probably never to see the light of day again, I still frequently go back to a saying by one of my teachers; “Proper planning prevents poor performance”.  He would refer to it as the 5 Ps.  Leaving aside the clever […]

Great Career Opportunities @ James Whelan Butchers

Monday, September 15th, 2014 in Foodie Articles | No Comments »

A Butchers Life for Me I’ve posted this piece before but I think it eloquently captures the point I am making and so I’ve posted it again. We have some great opportunities at the moment in James Whelan Butchers, so if you know anyone or perhaps you’d like a career change, this is your chance! […]

New James Whelan Butchers @ Avoca, Kilmacanogue

Monday, September 15th, 2014 in Foodie Articles | No Comments »

Following the successful launch of our butcher shops in Dublin, at Avoca Monkstown and Rathcoole, we are delighted to announce that we are bringing our craft butchery excellence and expertise to the new Avoca Food Market in Kilmacanogue. The entire food market will include James Whelan Butchers and a number of new additions to Avoca.We […]

James Whelan Butchers: The Perfect Burger

Monday, June 30th, 2014 in BBQ Recipes, Beef Recipes, Recipes | No Comments »

I think everyone strives to make/cook the perfect burger.Making a small batch of burgers for an occasion gives you licence to be really creative.This original recipe was given to me by a great friend Adam Perry Lang.I have tweaked it over the years but I think these burgers are really special and worth the effort […]

James Whelan Butchers: Fun Food not Junk Food

Monday, May 26th, 2014 in Foodie Articles, Good Food | No Comments »

I’ve just finished reading about a new study coming out of America that has just shown how lethargy, and its close cousin obesity, can come from consistently eating processed foods and not just processed foods in huge amounts. Now we probably didn’t need another study to prove that junk food will make us lethargic and […]

James Whelan Butchers: The Tail of the Ox

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 in Foodie Articles | 1 Comment »

Oxtail, a tough gelatinous cut of meat that was a favourite for stews and soups, has had an interesting cycle when it comes to fashionable eating.  Our ancestors knew all about nose to tail eating and everything was used.  They were very aware that once the prime cuts were sold there was plenty of meat […]

James Whelan Butchers: Pat Whelan on The Pat Kenny Show

Thursday, December 12th, 2013 in Foodie Articles, Press | No Comments »

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of being on Pat Kenny’s new radio show on Newstalk. On the show we discussed my new book, co-written by Katy McGuinness, the Irish Beef Book which is full of tips, advice and recipes to help you get the best from your beef. We also talked about the art […]

James Whelan Butchers: Pork Filo Pie

Monday, October 28th, 2013 in Pork Recipes, Recipes | No Comments »

Filo pastry is easy to use and readily available.  Because of the nature of the sheets of pastry care must be taken to make sure that they are kept whole. Pork Filo Pie – Printer Friendly Download Ingredients 500g/1 lb  lean pork mince 1pork steak/fillet  (minced in processor) 1 egg 1 cup feta cheese crumbled […]

James Whelan Butchers: Ball Skills

Thursday, October 24th, 2013 in Foodie Articles | No Comments »

I came across The Bowler at an event in the UK earlier this year.  He’s part of the street food movement that’s been growing over the past few years.  He makes gourmet meatballs using meat, fish and vegetables and serving them all from an eye catching grass covered van, affectionately known as the ‘lawn ranger’.  […]

James Whelan Butchers: Persian Lamb Meatballs with Aubergine and Yoghurt Dip

Saturday, October 19th, 2013 in Lamb Recipes, Recipes | No Comments »

I love it when life throws up a little culinary surprise and these meatballs are a perfect example of such treasures. Persian Lamb Meatballs with Aubergine and Yoghurt Dip – Printer Friendly Download Ingredients 500 grams minced lamb 1 onion finely chopped 2 tsp cumin 1 tsp dried coriander 1 tsp ground black pepper ½ […]

James Whelan Butchers: Irish Beef Book with Sean O’Rourke Radio 1

Friday, October 18th, 2013 in Press | No Comments »

This morning I had the pleasure of talking with Sean O’Rourke on his new show “Today with Sean O’Rourke” on RTE Radio 1. On my visit we discussed among other things my new book the “Irish Beef Book”, which I co-wrote with the talented Katy McGuinness. In this book I share the benefit of inherited expertise as […]

James Whelan Butchers: Braised Lamb Shanks with Rosemary and Balsamic Vinegar

Thursday, October 17th, 2013 in Lamb Recipes, Recipes | No Comments »

Lamb shanks are delicious cooked long and slow.  My favourite recipe for lamb shanks was given to me by Tamsin Day-Lewis’, one of world’s favourite food writers and cooks.  She has very kindly given me permission to share her famous recipe in this book. Braised Lamb Shanks with Rosemary and Balsamic – Printer Friendly Download […]