Salt Aged Sharing Steaks

Sharing Cote de Boeuf, Sharing T-Bone Steaks & Sharing Sirloin Steaks


To Cook

Heat a frying pan to a medium high heat; add a dash of light olive oil, just before cooking season the steaks well with sea salt.
Place or hold using tongs its fat side on a hot (but not smoking) pan for 4 mins. Lay on its side and fry on a high heat for 8 mins on each side followed by 4 mins each side making sure to moderate the heat if the pan starts smoking profusely.
28 minutes (4 mins, 8 mins, 8 mins, 4 mins, 4 mins) Remove from heat when an internal temperature of 54˚C is achieved.
10 to 15 minutes resting!
After resting, season again with sea salt and ground black pepper.


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