Salt Aged Everyday

Salt Aged Everyday

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1 x 2 Himalayan Salt Aged Sirloin Steak
1 x 2 Himalayan Salt Aged Ribeye Steaks
1 x 2 Rump Heart Steaks
1 x 2 Picanha Steaks
1 x Sugar Pit Boneless Bacon Joint
1 pk Dry Cure Back Bacon
1 pk Dry Cure Streaky Bacon
1 pk Pork Sausage Thins (Breakfast Style)
1 pk Hot Dog Sausage 4 pk
1 pk 6oz Steak Burgers 4 pk
2 x Mince Steak
1 Pack Meatballs
1 Tub Tomato Sauce

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Price: €150.00


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