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James Whelan Butchers: Amazing Autumn

Monday, October 6th, 2014 in Foodie Articles | No Comments »

I was reared in the business of food and farms and therefore acquired an easy knowledge of the natural world, seasons, soil, animals and the roles that man plays within nature’s boundaries.  I also have a great passion for food but sometimes though, when one is immersed in a world it’s easy to forget that […]

James Whelan Butchers: Feeling Fruity

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 in Good Food | No Comments »

The summer really is the season to embrace when it comes to fresh food.  From the limited harvest of tasty spring offerings we suddenly open up to a glut of new flavours.  It’s also a great time for traditional fruits and salad vegetables. Berries, plums, peaches, tomatoes, lettuce and all the herbs are in abundance.  […]

James Whelan Butchers: Chutney Secrets

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 in Foodie Articles | 1 Comment »

It’s a sure sign you’re married with young children when the long, wine fuelled gluttonous dinner parties of youth turn into sober Sunday daytime affairs where the excitement reaches its crescendo at the thought of trying a new flavour from the Nespresso machine with a homemade shortbread after you’ve eaten.   I suppose as we mature […]

James Whelan Butchers: Pork Chops
 with Sage and Apple

Friday, December 16th, 2011 in Pork Recipes, Recipes | 1 Comment »

“There are some foods that seem destined to be together. Pork and apples is one such partnership – so happily married, in fact, that they need little encouragement to create something sublime”. – Rachel Allen Pork Chops with Sage and Apples – Printer Friendly Download Ingredients 30g (11⁄4oz) butter 2 tbsp olive oil 4 pork […]