How to Cook our Bavette Steaks

How to Cook our Grass-Fed, Dry-Aged, Bavette Steaks

Our Master Butchers have hand-prepared these Grass-Fed, Dry-Aged, Bavette Steaks for you to cook simply at home. This steak, hand-cut by our master artisan butchers is often called the butcher’s cut. Do they keep this deeply flavoured; quietly superior steak quiet on purpose?

One bite and you’ll be in on the secret.

Some Simple Steps:

  • Allow the steak come to room temperature
  • Add oil to a medium/hot pan
  • Lightly season the steak with salt and pepper
  • Sear the steak for 3 mins on each side

For medium steak:

  • Cook for 5 mins on one side
  • Cook for 3 mins on one side
  • Cook for 1 min on the sides 


  • Remove and loosely wrap in tinfoil, shiny side down
  • Allow to rest for 5 mins before serving

Enjoy another delicious meal from James Whelan Butchers!


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