Wagyu Rib Eye Roast

Wagyu Rib Eye Roast

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Wagyu beef is a Japanese breed of beef sometimes referred to as Kobe beef. 'Wa' meaning Japan and 'Gyu' meaning cow. Kobe is an area in Japan that has become world famous for marketing Wagyu beef. We are delighted to have become Ireland's first online butcher to breed and sell Wagyu beef here in Ireland.

Wagyu meat is striking because of its wonderful marbling which results in a never-before-experienced succulence that sends the taste buds reeling. The fat in the meat has more monounsaturated fats and melts at room temperature which makes Wagyu beef suitable as part of a lower cholesterol diet. The high degree of marbling adds an extraordinary depth of flavour which makes Wagyu beef a culinary delicacy.

We breed all our own Wagyu and there maybe a wait time on the Wagyu products. We're happy to take your order and hold it until September 2015 when this product becomes available.


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