Inch House Traditional Black Pudding

Inch House Traditional Black Pudding

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This is an artisan black pudding made by Nora Ryan from Inch House in Thurles using a recipe she learned from her mother, Mary.

The recipe is a secret, indeed the existance of this great pudding is a bit of a foodie secret too.

The pudding has a distinct flavour which makes it well worth trying. It's especially good as a dinner ingredient - try it as a stuffing for chicken or pork or wrapped in filo pastry and served with mango chutney.

Incidently, Mary Ryan is hale and hearty at over 90 years old and is tickled pink that so many people now get to enjoy her family recipe! You can click on the 'Recipe and Serving Ideas' for a full list of pork recipes but here is one of my favourite:-

Warm Black Pudding and Bacon Salad

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