J.O. Slow Roast Pork Shoulder

J.O. Slow Roast Pork Shoulder

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This is a proper old-school Sunday roast, cooked slowly on the bone and served with crispy crackling. 

In this famous recipe, the pork is placed in an oven tray with stock and vegetables, and allowed to roast for 6 hours at a low heat. The result will not be a joint that carves into neat slices, instead it will be so tender that you'll be able to pull it apart into delicious shreds using nothing more than a couple of forks.

Cooking with the bone in adds additional flavour and shoulder pork has a layer of fat which helps to keep the meat nice and moist as it cooks. We  can score the crackling for you - just let us know when you checkout. You can click on the 'Recipe and Serving Ideas' for a full list of pork recipes but here's one of my favourites:-

J.O.'s 6 Hour Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder

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