7 Spring Lamb Cutlets

7 Spring Lamb Cutlets

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Lamb cutlets are favourite for busy family dinners because they cook so quickly and taste so juicy. They're a favourite with the kids in our shop, too, who like to pick out their own 'lolipop chops'!

Like all of our lamb, these chops are thick cut from naturally reared Irish lamb, dry aged and properly matured to yeild a deep red colour and perfect texture.

They can be grilled, fried or cooked on the BBQ.  To prepare, sprinkle with some sea salt and ground black peppercorns. You can also add some thyme and rosemary to the grill or bbq to give a tasty, smokey flavour. You can click on the 'Recipe and Serving Ideas' but here is of my favourite ways to cook lamb cutlets:-

BBQ Lamb Cutlets 

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