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with a Twist

BBQ with a Twist

Looking for some flavour-filled inspiration this summer?
These are just some of our favourite BBQ ideas – to give mealtime a little twist.
Crafted with tender, loving care by our talented team of butchers.

Beef Short Ribs

Cooked low and slow, our fall-off-the-bone Beef Short Ribs are the perfect choice when you’re looking for something a little different on the BBQ. Deliciously tender, they’re meatier than their pork counterpart – a real joy to serve and savour.

JWB Sticky Hickory BBQ Sauce

Who says BBQing has to be hard work?
Brush or drizzle our Hickory BBQ Sauce on your meat as it cooks to keep it moist and infuse it with heavenly flavours. A great all-rounder for any BBQ meat and available exclusively in our network of shops.

Gourmet Lamb Burgers

Made from 100% lamb and seasoned with fresh mint, herbs and seasonings, our Gourmet Lamb Burgers are refreshingly light. They melt in the mouth, to deliver a delicious take on the traditional beef burger.

Pork Butt

Pork Butt is one of our favourite meats to cook on the BBQ or in the oven. It may be a lesser known cut, but it won’t stay a secret once your guests taste its flavours. Cooked slow, it’s a wonderfully easy way to make shredded pulled pork, which is an ideal option for an Al Fresco share-plate with friends and family on a summer’s day. Add a fresh salad for extra memories…

The BBQ Counter

Visit our BBQ counter to see the widest range of tasty, ready-to-cook options.

From our marinated skewers to our tasty wings and kebabs, we make BBQing so easy you might feel like you’re cheating! And that’s before we mention our beef or pork meatballs and the juiciest handmade burgers.

There’s also a wide range of award winning steaks, or you could be adventurous and try our mouthwatering butterfly leg of lamb. BBQ it, low and slow, for the perfect sharing option.

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