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Posted on Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 by Pat Whelan in Foodie Articles | No Comments »

The stretch in the evenings, the early morning sunshine, a carpet of colour in the fields; spring has sprinkled its magic everywhere.  The minute the clocks go forward it heralds the promise of all things outdoors.  Suddenly those lonely looking tables outside urban coffee shops are spilling over with people and life and not just those battling the elements in order to get a nicotine hit.

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Breaking the Rules

Posted on Sunday, April 13th, 2014 by Pat Whelan in Foodie Articles, Good Food | No Comments »

Who remembers the ‘mixed grill’?  There wasn’t a fashionable restaurant in the land that didn’t carry a mixed grill on its menu back in the 1970s.  It was usually a combination of pork; be it chops, rashers or sausages but, somehow it managed to be evening food rather than breakfast as we’ve come to expect it today.  Sausages, rashers, chops and fried vegetables shouldn’t be confined to the morning.  These are great versatile and quick items that should always be in the fridge to cover any meal emergency.

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Here’s the Rub

Posted on Sunday, April 6th, 2014 by Pat Whelan in Foodie Articles, Good Food | No Comments »

Like everyone, I go through extremely busy patches where time flies by and there never seems to be enough of it.  I try and enjoy those seasons as I know they will come to an end, there will be some downtime and then it will all ramp up again.  It’s simply called life.  I’m in one of those hectic periods right now.  I’m busy and so I’m not cooking as much as I’d like to and when I do cook I’m looking for the fast and easy rather than anything too involved.  Being out and about also means I find myself needing to eat away from home a little bit more.  I look at it as research and it never fails to inform my own ability and interest in food.  I particularly love it when I make a good discovery.

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The Tail of the Ox

Posted on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 by Pat Whelan in Foodie Articles | No Comments »

Oxtail, a tough gelatinous cut of meat that was a favourite for stews and soups, has had an interesting cycle when it comes to fashionable eating.  Our ancestors knew all about nose to tail eating and everything was used.  They were very aware that once the prime cuts were sold there was plenty of meat left on an animal as long as you were prepared to wait while it cooked.  This long slow cooking rendered it every bit as tasty as the rib.  Not only did they use the tough but meaty areas of shin, shoulder and tail areas, offal was also on the menu.  Again there was a nutritious value to every part of the animal and they knew it. Kidney, liver heart and stomach were all considered food and not waste.

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Beef Dripping, it’s the new Goose Fat!

Posted on Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 by Pat Whelan in Foodie Articles | No Comments »

I have no doubt that my ramblings this week on the merits of beef dripping and the fact that we have introduced it as a product in our shop, will create three distinct groups – those who remember it well, those who have heard of it but are not too sure of what it is or how to use it and those that wouldn’t know beef dripping if I put it in front of them right now.  I can confidently predict that those lines will be drawn by age with the first group having the oldest demographic.

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Slow Cook February

Posted on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 by Pat Whelan in Foodie Articles, Good Food | No Comments »

Is it over?  Is it really over?  Is the entire month of January now in the past?  Thank God for that as I’m not sure I could have taken much more of those on the New Year abstinence kick. Somehow there seemed to be more of them this year than ever before.  Everyone I met was either on a diet (abstaining from food), having a drink free January (abstaining from alcohol) or saving money (abstaining from spending), one or two were practically abstaining from life!  Naturally in the wake of an over indulgent December it’s probably right to rein it all in come January and try and get a little balance back.  January deprivation isn’t the problem, it’s a good thing to be as healthy as possible in all areas of our lives but doing it so joylessly is what makes me want to run and hide.  The evangelising is a thin disguise for their utter misery. By the start of February though, most of them have fallen off the wagon, the gloss of the New Year has well and truly waned and we can return to a little normal living.  Go on, it’s February, you can buy the full fat cream cheese rather than the tasteless and therefore pointless fat free version.

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Pat Whelan – The Irish Beef Book cookery masterclass

Posted on Monday, December 16th, 2013 by Pat Whelan in Foodie Articles | No Comments »

Pat Whelan - The Irish Beef Book cookery masterclass at Cloughjordan House

YouTube Preview Image

Pat Whelan on The Pat Kenny Show

Posted on Thursday, December 12th, 2013 by Pat Whelan in Foodie Articles, Press | No Comments »

Newstalk - The Pat Kenny Show

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of being on Pat Kenny’s new radio show on Newstalk. On the show we discussed my new book, co-written by Katy McGuinness, the Irish Beef Book which is full of tips, advice and recipes to help you get the best from your beef. We also talked about the art of butchery covering the complete process from raising and slaughtering the animals, the complex process of maturing the meat to develop flavour, the skills needed to butcher the whole carcass and the importance of communicating your message to the customer.

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Coping with the Stress of Christmas on RTE Radio 1

Posted on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 by Pat Whelan in Foodie Articles, Press | No Comments »

Marian Finucane on Radio 1Last weekend I was delighted to appear on Marian Finucane’s RTE Radio 1 show to discuss the best way of coping with the stress of Christmas. We discussed the stress people put themselves under when deciding what to cook for Christmas dinner. I talked about the differences between the two main breeds of turkey – the white and bronze, the tradition of buying a turkey from your butcher and the alternatives for Christmas dinner including the traditional free range goose.

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Opening Times Over Christmas 2013

Posted on Friday, November 29th, 2013 by Pat Whelan in Foodie Articles, Good Food | No Comments »


Our Christmas week opening times for our butcher shop in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary are as follows:

Day Opening Times
Thursday 19th Dec 8am – 7pm
Friday 20th Dec 8am – 7pm

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New James Whelan Butcher Shop in Avoca Rathcoole

Posted on Thursday, October 24th, 2013 by Pat Whelan in Foodie Articles, Good Food | No Comments »

New James Whelan Butcher Shop at Avoca Rathcoole

We are delighted to announce that following the successful launch of our first butcher shop in Dublin, at Avoca Monkstown in 2011,we are bringing our craft butchery excellence and expertise to the new Avoca Food Market in Rathcoole.

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Ball Skills

Posted on Thursday, October 24th, 2013 by Pat Whelan in Foodie Articles | No Comments »

I came across The Bowler at an event in the UK earlier this year.  He’s part of the street food movement that’s been growing over the past few years.  He makes gourmet meatballs using meat, fish and vegetables and serving them all from an eye catching grass covered van, affectionately known as the ‘lawn ranger’.  It’s a sight to behold, never fails to raise a smile and the meat balls are stunning.  I’m a particular fan as The Bowler (real name Jez Felwick) learned to cook at Ballymaloe and I love that Irish connection.

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